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Our Story

Beginning his asbestos abatement career in April of 1992, Carlos Cordon decided to dedicate his professional life to learning all there is about hazardous materials and contracting. 

Early on, Carlos was a sub contractor for over seven years. With his leadership skills, and ever growing cognizance in hazardous materials, Carlos wanted to expand where he did his work. Teaming up with multiple contracting companies throughout the years, his aim was to bid for federal and commercial contracts. In 2010, Carlos commenced his federal contracting experience with the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) in Washington D.C. This allowed his skills to grow and opened the door for many other contracting opportunities. In November 2017, Carlos decided to open his own contracting company known as Access Construction & Environmental. Many of his contracts stayed with him and his incipient company, and to this day he continues to achieve high caliber contracts for both federal and commercial jobs, while additionally staying in touch with residential opportunities that present themselves.

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